What is Jiffal?

Jiffal is a platform dedicated to team forming. We partner with the Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to help participants form their teams for the New Venture Competition at UCI. Whether you have an idea but looking for teams, or you want to find an interesting idea to join, our platform is here to help.

How does it work?

We know how difficult it is to form a team with the right people, and we help you simplify that process. Once you created an account with us, you will be able to see all the ideas and teams created by other participants. You can either explore and join the idea that interests you the most, or you can create a new team with your amazing idea and attract other people.

How to use Jiffal?

Register and Log in

First create an account with us. It's FREE. We partner with UCI New Venture Competition so your email is safe with us.

Register your account

Then log in with the account you just created.

Log in to your account

Getting started

Navigate to the menu by clicking on your user icon


Edit your profile and provide your contact information so other people get to know more about you and contact you.


Find a team to join

If you are looking for a team to join, explore the ideas listed by others. You can contact the leader using the contact information in the leader’s profile


If you find an idea that you like, send a join request and wait for the leader’s response


Create your own team

If you have your own idea, create your own team and provide as much information about your idea as possible

Create 1

Create 2

Building your team

Be sure to check your notification frequently to see if anyone is interested in joining your team.


You can view who sent you a request and you can decide if you want to accept that person. (you can contact the requestor to inquire more by using the contact information provided in the requestor’s profile)

Accept or Decline

Working together

As your team comes together, you can post, chat and schedule meetings with other members. Finally, be sure to provide us with some feedback so we can make team-building a better experience for you

Inside team page

Chat room

If you have any question, please contact us at info@jiffal.com.

We wish you the best of luck in the New Venture Competition

Last updated: February 4th, 2019